Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vol 2.Transportation in Bangkok

After hubby’s office hour, we usually linger around in Bangkok. We would travel either via the BTS Sky train, MRT sky train or by a taxi. Taxi is not expensive in Bangkok; bare in mind make sure the taxi driver is using the meter before you hop onto it. Taxi meter will display 35 Baht for a start then subsequently add 3 Bhat after a meter or something. To avoid time wasting, we usually opt to get to a destination by sky train then only to return home by a taxi. I don’t take “tuk-tuk”, the main reason is its life-threatening, and you should see how the driver drives when they turn in to a junction. It’s like drifting in Initial D. Secondly, price are hardly negotiated. They are the only one to call the price. Traveling by “tuk-tuk” usually will end up costing more than a regular taxi. Remember to agree upon a price beforehand, if possible, if there is no other way to get a taxi. Most “tuk –tuk” drivers don't speak English and I do find them a bit rude. Motor taxi is always convenience when roads are highly congested. In Kuala Lumpur, we have 2 times of peak hours daily which cause traffic jam but not in Bangkok. Bangkok is always congested. Motorcycle taxi driver can be recognized with their colored vest. Vests are colored for area code.

Water taxi of Chao Phraya Canal

Water taxi or
Chao Phraya boat are used to travel across the river or to different pier ahead. A boat ride can cost as cheap as 20 cent per ride while tourist boats can cost up to RM 200 per person just to tour the river in less than 45 minutes. I have tried to cross to Wat Arun from Chang Pier which only cost less than 50 cents via the local boats which was interesting.

Behind - Long tail tourist boat RM200 per person.

I suggest that plan your route ahead to avoid un necessary circumstances.

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