Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Finally I get to step in Hard Rock Hotel in Penang which was opened on Hari Raya Eve 2009. I am a Hard Rock fans. Few cool statues, cool Hard Rock signs and signature in front of the hotel. At the left end of the hotel, there is this Hard Rock stores selling Hard Rock Penang merchandise.  


You’ll see as the above when you drive to the end of Batu Feringghi Beach. The Hard Rock’ glam guitar is right in front of the main entrance. While the late Michael Jackson’s statue is located exactly right in front of Hard Rock Cafe.




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Snaps few pictures while wandering in the hotel. The hotel it’s just well OK for me. It looks like Tanjung Bunga Paradise Hotel with some monument and few signature of local Malaysian artistes personal belonging mounted on the wall.

Been there done that! :P

Journey up to the North- Pictures.

Scenes taken inside car while driving. I dont know at North South Express Way.

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Nothing interesting while driving beside hearing people snores…

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Miami!! Miami!

I can’t help my self I am missing South Beach so so much today! It has been 2 years and yes I am so missing it right now! I am bounding off my Krabi trip post today. Nothing about Krabi in this post.

I have taken almost a days time by an awful long haul flight journey  just to reach the beautiful tropical , mesmerizing Miami! The white sandy beach , the naked beautiful sexy ladies, the sweet sweet minty cold Mojitos, The Cuban Latin song that keeps playing in my head. It’s simply spellbinding! This whole trip has influence me to watch Burn Notice I am emphatically in love with the movie because of the scenery and beach. Well I love Michael Westin my self.


As when Kent and I reached Miami International Airport we taxied a cab to our hotel in Coconut Groove. While on the way to our hotel, we noticed masses of low rise building, palm trees and the sky is so saturated blue. The buildings are coiffure coordinately. The luxury private yacht, cruise and ships are all aligned beautifully  beside the beach. The excitement is unexplainable. My heart beats unusually fast that day. I am so charged up for the upcoming plans that I have  forethought  few months before.



I basked my short ride to the hotel. As we reached Sonesta Bayfront Hotel at Coconut Grove, we were welcomed by a concierge. The  hotel looks like an average building externally while  the hotel lobby is simply modern with few artistic pictures mounting on the wall.  Both of us are felicitous that we received a warm welcome from both the concierge and the reception. It was lovely.

The long haul flight really gets to my nerve. I was jet lag, air sick, light headed. There were so many things I want to do. My tired mind is simply lethargic. I had my shower, lay a bit, turn on my lap top, MSN my family that I have safely arrived. I recuperate a bit then prepared to stroll around the hotel area.


Right next to our hotel is the famous Coco Walk Mall and Mayfair Hotel. Kent and I saunter around the building and the Streets of Mayfair. There are various shops that sell varieties of the American brand trademarks. What caught my attention was Victoria Secret. My bosom needs to have an Americanize souvenir too. So I did a little shopping there, then had dinner in Johnny Rocket across the Street of Mayfair which is next to the hotel we are staying.


Kent and I had burgers and for starters we had chili fries. I got to tell you that I had the best Chili Fries ever! I love Johnny Rocket Chili Fries. Is a simple dish yet has this unique flavor with their special condiment and gravy! This is simply tempting, I am hungry for one now. We were served well by this young lad who is very meticulous and boy he is hardworking. He frequented asked us if our food is good and if everything is alright. We appreciated him a lot. Too bad that we didn't get note of his name.  Bless this young man!

We return to our hotel after our dinner.  Watching young people partying the night away!


We were charged up the next day. We woke up 7 am in the morning due to jet lag. It was odd. Everything from the outside was dark. No car or nothing not a single soul. It was wee Sunday. We tune our TV, nothing but advertisement, then tune to Comedy Central watch Sarah Silverman sniffing and licking her dogs butt. One heck of a movie. It was kinda time wasted sitting in the hotel watching TV. Kent and I finally decided that we move out to stroll at McFarlane Road hat wee morning.                 


The air was refreshing, the sky is crystal clear. Everything seemed so relax as if everything was pause for that moment. There were no one on the streets. We headed to the nearest Metrorail at Coconut Grove. No shops were open we were the only 2 weirdo that walks in the street. We snapped our picture at every corner. Along the way, there were massive beautiful bungalows. The Spanish home was irresistible. I can’t help my self but envy all those intricate beautiful designs of the houses. How we both wished we are able to owned a home that luxury and splendid. Awww…..While envying the enticing home, we met a friendly couple. From far, I can see both of them giving us a warmth smile. Without hesitating, I asked for the Metrorail direction just incase if we had walked the wrong way. The man gave us a clear direction and assure us that we are going the right way. Everything seems splendid and goes along my way.


We walked for almost 20 minutes and we finally hear the gushing and rushing sounds of the train. Yup we finally see the Metrorail across the street. Before we rushed over, we had our breakfast at  Subway which is just down the road. Then proceed with our journey to the Government Station where we switch to Metromover to downtown. Going downtown via Metromover is free for public.Well the thing is , it’s kind of dirty.

The panorama transformed from one station to the other. High rise building are to be seen in every corner. There is this big canal which can be seen stretch out in Miami. Looking at it makes you think of CSI MIAMI during the movies’ opening. IMG_3177IMG_3151

As we reached downtown, we walked to the Bayfront Park in the beautiful Biscayne Bay. Linger a bit here and there feel the vivid wind blew on our face. We had camera and video on our neck, holding each other hands, walking freely is simply relaxing. This is all I ever wanted, holding each other hands walking freely, feeling the serenity and panoramic view.

We came across the The Bayfront Park Amphitheater is located within Bayfront Park included permanent reserved seats; new, picturesque sightlines to Biscayne Bay; a new superior roof structure; state-of-the-art production capabilities; The Tina Hills Pavilion  is also located within the park and is available for smaller concerts, receptions, corporate events, and press conferences. 


We proceed to Bayside Market. Selling from souvenirs to Cuban goods, cruises to Cuba and the Caribbean, varieties of food and steak. We stop by for our lunch at a Chinese diner. Then hang out in Hard Rock shopping for goodies and souvenirs. Mostly about shopping and wandering in that area. We that walked to the Overtown, East of Little Havana experiencing the locals shopping and stuff which is kind of amusing. I do admit Latinos and Latinas are pretty people. Look at Enrique!


View Larger Map         



We took a cab to Miami Beach. The main aim was to go to Miami Ink. Kent and I were so eager to meet the Miami Ink celebrities. As when The cab reach the first junction of Washington Avenue I know I was near. We are very close to the place of our dream. The cab stop right in front of the shop. The excitement and the indescribable feelings is so enthusiast. Man , we snap pictures like crazy! As when I try to enter the shop, not even one person from the TV show was in there. That sudden rush of adrenalin all of the sudden seems to just stop. The butterfly just died in my stomach. Oh well, as long as I have been there and done that.  I didn’t get my tattoo there. What’s the point if it is not done by the celebrities.                        


After our craziness of photo snapping we walked towards the sound of the hypnotizing waves. South Beach here we come! The ladies with their bikinis, the macho man with their six packed abs all lying on the white sandy beach. I have never been so happy to be in South Beach, Miami Beach. Again me and hubby walk hand in hand, our legs in the sand , feel the cold waves rush through our legs. Is simply unforgettable… We spent the whole lovely evening there then return to our hotel in Coconut Grove.

We were dead tired after the whole day of strolling. We had dinner at a pizzeria which is right next to out hotel. Then head up to bed.    


The very next day I spend my whole day shopping in Coco Walk and Mayfair Street.  Walking in the park nearby MacFarlane Road. I did some how remembered while I was browsing magazines in a shop , well Boy Magazine,and there were so many eyes looking at me. It was funny though. I guess they have never seen an Asian lady viewing one before.

The beach , the sun , the romance, the drink, the music all keeps playing in my head. I am not sure when I will return but I will definitely return to MIAMI one day!


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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Island Hoping In Krabi

Map of Thailand highlighting Krabi Province}Image via Wikipedia


The following day, we head to Krabi by Air Asia. As when we reach Krabi, we were led to the Tiger Temple. No tigers are seen. Please do not obnubilate your self with the tiger temple up north in Bangkok where you have in mind . Instead this tiger temple is occupied with monkeys. Nothing much to view there, only a few nuns were making their prayers.

Tiger Temple

Tiger Temple Cave

We stayed in a hotel located in Aonang Beach, Krabi La Playa Resort. A relaxed and cozy resort serving delicious buffet breakfast I would say. I got a great swimming pool view from my room. Along the way to La Playa Resort you wouldn’t miss the beautiful beach. Head down to the town for a stroll, along Aonang Beach you’ll see many massage parlors, sea food restaurants, western dinner, fast food chain restaurant, Talad, traveling booth, bank, currency exchange shop and camera shops, tailor and etc. Not much of vehicles, it’s not hectic, not a heavy traffic jam like in Kuta, Bali. It really soothes the mood. The sounds of the wave which is just nearby are just simply bracing.

Pool View

Resort Main Entrance

Aonang Beach

What to do in Krabi?

If you are to reach Krabi and ain’t got anything much to do you can go to the small traveling booth to book a day or half day trip of an adventure. Price is affordable. I picked a 4 day long tail boat, island hopping for a day trip which only cost 450 Baht and it includes lunch, snorkeling and transportation for return from hotel to the jetty. Islands arranged on itinerary are Poda, Tub, Phranang and Chicken Island.

The port before we leave for island hopping. - Aonang Beach

Second day in Krabi, we went island hoping by a traditional long tail boat which took around an hour or less to reach the first island of Phranang Beach. We took 10 minutes walk in the island to reach the beach as boats are prevented to stop right in front of Phranang beach. We halted at Railay Beach. En route to the beach you will come upon these stalactite caves. Mind your head if you are more than 6 feet tall. There is this one private (name forgotten)5 star luxurious hotel resort which is located in this secluded island that caught my attention. Fences are built around the resort and have prevented us from glimpsing inside. I only get to peek a bit of the luxuriousness of the resort, when a hotel guest who was checking out from the resort, escorted by the bellboy the fence was only wide open for a minute or two.

While on the way

The sound of the waves really makes you eager to reach the beach. I can’t wait to be dousing in the sea. Not much of tourist, as I reach the beach there is this small shrine filled and assembled with wooden a like phallus where the Thai’s believe when a woman touch or pray the statue of phallus, they will be blessed with offspring. As for the fisherman, they pray for their safety to return to land before they head out to the sea. Snapping photos of the cave, the temple, the last thing I do, run in to the sea. The water is simply freshening up after walking under the hot sun. We were there for an hour. We return back to our boat for the second Island hopping.

The Penis Shrine

Next stop Poda Island; this is where we stop for 3 hours for our lunch and leisure. Poda Island is a bit crowded with tourists. Cleanliness is not as expected, there were lots of dead dried sea weed, dried corals, sharp pebbles- when where you step on it you want to just curse!, a bit of here and there used food waste at the coast of the beach. Not really what I have in mind. It’s just a typical island.

Poda Island

After the whole 2 hours of boredom in the small island of Poda, we were brought to the Chicken Island. The boat ventured us to the center of the sea for snorkeling. It was way awesome, feeding the colorful vibrant school of fishes under the water, swimming with the fishes, the beauty of the nature and sea is just speechless. There were not many people snorkel with us as our boat carried less that 10 people. No weird stranger, unlike what I had in my past experience with the Sea Angels Phuket Cruise which took us to the Monkey Island, where hundreds of people jump into the sea in each other’s company and snorkel for an hour. It was a dreadful scene; it was like a bunch of illegal immigrants attempting to take their breath after outwore swimming for hours. There was supposed to be school of fishes but was all kicked back away. People are trying to kill each other by kicking at each other in the sea. All I can witness were legs and the ripples that the immigrants did. Nasty!

Koh Kai - Chicken Island

Tub Island was the last island to hop. The island reminds me of Mataking Island in Sabah. It is one awe-inspiring island. How do I describe this island? A small island with a big rock, on top of the rock there were few bushes grown on it. It’s was truly inspiring, To be exact, it is an island where the middle part of the island is kinda submerged and washed away with shallow water so it looks like as if there were two island connected by a sandbar. The two islands are joined by sand bars that rise up from the sea when the tide is low. Out far, you can envision as if people were float walking on the sea.

Tub Island

The trip at Tub Island was a bit short as the cloud was dark and was on its mode with heavy down pour. I was busy having fun at the island and the gust clouds urged us to get back to the boat .What a waste! The trip back is a no fun we were all soaked wet as it was like a boat race against the rain. I was worry sick that my camera will be dead wet. The rain subside when we reach land. Camera is still dry clean in my thick plastic bag. LoL

Well the second day ended with our dinner at Pizza Hut with beer. Continue with Swenson which is right next to Pizza Hut for dessert. We were tired but happy for the awesome cheap trip. Drunk and tired returned to our hotel to charge up for our next day island hopping to Phi Phi Island..


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