Saturday, August 29, 2009

Meeting Gabriella in Bangkok...

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I am happy that after 10 years of writing snail mails and email I finally get to reunite with one of my school mates from Italy. Gabriella and her mom fly all the way from Italy to visit me in Bangkok. It is hard for me to express my feeling. I feel honored to have them and to meet them in Bangkok after all these years.

They were in Bangkok for 2 days staying in Reno Hotel which is just opposite to the National Stadium BTS station, nearby to where I live. It is also located opposite MBK and the rate is as cheap as 1200 Baht per night. Reno has its own swimming pool and its convenience. I would say it’s a 2-3 star budget hotel.

I guided them to the canals where we were to travel like the local Thais. We visited Wat Arun, travel along the canals, visiting the city by the local BTS. Then do a little shopping in MBK.

On the second day, they arranged themselves with the hotel travel agent for a short day trip to a floating market in Damnoen Saduak. I did not traveled along as it was way too early in the morning. They wake up at 5 am then travel up north of Bangkok city to Damnoen Saduk.. After their trip in the floating market, they went for the elephant and crocodile show. We met for dinner that day in HaChiBan Ramen then shop a little at a small Talad at the overhead bridge in MBK. This small talad can only be seen at around 9 pm.


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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brands to shop in Bangkok

A reckon “must buy stuff” in Bangkok. I am talking about genuine brand here.

1. Lacoste

2. Wacoal lingerie

3. Counterpain

4. Medication is way cheaper in Bangkok and is always effective. Remember to buy from Pharmacy only.

5. Pedigree, Alpo and Jerhigh– pet food

6. Brands

7. Naraya

8. Loreal

9. Garnier

10. Oishi

11. Jim Thompson

12. Jaspal

13. Adidas swimwear

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shopping Malls I visit

Marveling what I will do when I am entirely all by my self in Bangkok? I lived in Rama 1, Bangkok, which is near to Hua Lamphong and is just right at the corner of the city center. It took me 20 minutes walk from MBK back to my apartment. I’m a sloth walker. I will usually hop onto a taxi to get around which only takes 5 minutes ride. I will usually stop my taxi at Bangkok Cultural and Art Center, and then I will precede my saunter from there.

MBK Shopping mall (next to National Stadium BTS) is one of the oldest and Bangkok’s famous shopping mall for tourists. I would say 80% of Thailand’s tourists have left their foot prints in that shopping mall. When I first step into the mall in year 2006, I was kinda lost in there. It was crowded and hectic. It feels like walking in Sungei Wang during the weekends which I by no means I hate the crowd.

6th and 7th floor is where the cinema, game arcade and karaoke are located. There are times I would often spend my time watching movies in SF Cinema City. I got to say that I do find that it is an honorable practice that before a movie begins, movie viewers are to stand up for the Thailand’s National Anthem to play where you will see pictures and videos of the King on the screen. It’s a cultural that the Thai’s has been practiced for years. I remember there was once I was on my way to Chatucahak via BTS, out of no where their national anthem played on air loud and clear, everyone on the subway station stood still. It was an amazing scene. I felt like I was in Madame Tussauds Wax museum. I played along by not making a move. Can you believe even the cashier and the customer who were making a transaction buying and selling their drinks stood up straight with their cash on each others hand? That was the spirit I adored. It was true respect for the Thai. I always envisage what if I played the Malaysian National Anthem in a busy walking street. Will I have an impermanent wax museum too?

After MBK, I will walk to the Siam Square. Place crowded with University students, manicure or pedicure services less than 300 Baht, hair extension which cost less then 200 Baht, bulks of beautiful teenager’s apparels, tiny size which is not for me. Ahem… I will automatically head to Hard Rock Bangkok, here is a little tip. Hard Rock Bangkok sometimes does sell their clothing lines in avery low price due to odd sizes. So be sure to go back often to check out. Did I mention MBK and Siam Square is just next to Chulalongkorn Univesity?

Individuals with UK size 6-10 are best to shop modest beautiful clothes here in Siam Square at the low prices.

Next stop I will head to Siam Discovery Shopping and Siam Center mall. The locations related to Siam Discovery Center are represented by the shortest path as the crow would fly between any two points and may not be nearest by road. For example, Siam Discovery Center is located 0.1 kilometre from MBK Shopping Complex.

There are times small kiosk will be set out side the mall just to sell some local designer’s new fashion line or invention which is way too cool for me to explain it. I do find that there are many talented young entrepreneurs in Bangkok.

Click here to view map
Siam Discovery Center

More shopping malls will be seen ahead, you will discover Siam Center, Siam paragon, Central World, Gaysorn, Chitlom and many more. Shops and more shops will be seen. If you did most of your shopping In MBK, you might end up doing window shopping in the next shopping malls. You will find merchandises are getting classier, exquisite and the labeled price tags gets bigger by then. Before the next stop, I will the stop by Erawan Shrine offering flowers and incense to the famous Four Face Buddha.

I will end my journey heading to Pratunam, Indra Regent Hotel, which is near to this Baiyoke Sky Hotel. Massage parlors are to found everywhere. I do think the price and services are much better compared with other parlor. This is what I reckon,. After my legs are all relax, walk across the road to the nearest Pratunam night market to continue for more shopping.

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