Thursday, May 5, 2011

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

There are not much of changes since 1993. The apartment where my family and I used to stay, Bahia is still remaining firm there. Sea World, Dream World everything looks the freaking same!
Bahia is still standing !

Air fare are not that invariably low-priced. It has been years since we had our real.. long … forethought to fly to Oz. My aunts in Oz have meant us to visit them many years ago. We never did. Until one day where AirAsia has this massive 1 million seats for sales. Air Asia has routes to Melbourne, Perth and Gold Coast instead of Sydney and Adelaide, that‘s where my aunts and family are living. We thought hey why not we get the cheapest flights and fly of somewhere in Oz then get some other domestic low fare flights to either Sydney or Adelaide then? We end up cooped up in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast for 6 days which was truly chillax!

Surfers Paradise

I never in my whole life have that laziest and relaxing long retreat by the beach. You see we tend to travel to places with itineraries filled and packed 24/7 to do activities, sites visits and shopping. We want to see every single thing in a place. Instead, I sloth in Surfers Paradise for 6 days doing nothing! It was amazing! I feel rejuvenate, unstrained and I am begging for more. You know when you rouse from you long beautiful sleep, you saunter to the balcony with a cup of coffee on your hand, and as you walk nearer to the balcony, can feel the breeze rushing through your face, you look up at the blue sky seeing few albatross flying at a nearby distance then you gaze at the sea. It’s was totally mesmerizing! I love that feeling!

From the other side of balcony

TIPS: Get a hotel / apartment (if there are numbers of people as it’s cheaper) at Surfers Paradise. It is very convenient as it’s the sandy beach is along the coast. It is also facilitate with shuttle bus service. Walking is definitely you want to do by the beach.

We spend most of our time at the beach doing nothing, tanning our self, reading and sleeping at the beach. We took a day’s class of surfing and another day of yacht cruise nearby. I did terrible in surfing my body weight is dragging me down to the ocean, but I am going back to do that again. It’s tired but it was fun. All I need is the proper gear to get down there to surf and losing few pounds of blubber might help too.

TIPS: Cruises and surfing class are always available at the hotel receptions or internet. You can book online for cheaper rate. You can also book advance with travel agent from your country.

I enjoyed the yacht cruise, if you are lucky you might get to see a whale or dolphins. The cruises will halt on an island where there are many activities arranged for you to experience such as sand boarding, jet skiing, rafting, karaoke and etc…

The pier

The sail boat

The other activities

Sand Boarding


Enjoying the view

I have to admit that it is really expensive to dine in Surfers Paradise. Their currency is getting stronger and booming every day.

TV snacks

TIPS: Bring more cash with you! 

Before our trip ends, we spend a day in Pacific Fair and BeachFront market where we shop and do a little souvenirs shopping.

Hard Rock

Beach front

Pacific Fair


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