Sunday, October 23, 2011

South Island, New Zealand

Kia Ora!

 Days at the Kiwi Land.

 Day 1 

When we reached  Christchurch, it was almost midnight. Waited hungrily at the airport, to pick out our pre-rented car, a hatch back Toyota Corolla. I am thinking to get this car in the future. Perhaps another version, as this model does not exist in this country. The 11 hours flight did make us super hungry. Food in plane was not ample enough for both of us. Once we got our car, we proceed to our Point Break Backpackers in New Brighton. Every where was dark, shops are closed and we were so hungry. The lady manager who checked in for us made us sandwiches. She was sleeping when we arrived, luckily she offered to prepare us sandwiches before we head to bed.

Toyota  Corolla Hatchback

Day 2

Point Break Backpackers
We woke up pretty early that day. Before 8 am we were outside the backpacker's inn strolling around. It was quiet. The weather was breezing. 
New Brighton

We don't see anyone at that hour. We were the only 2 crazy lads who were strolling around the town. So we headed back to the backpackers and had our breakfast. 

Sandwich of the day!
Companion by the table She made me miss my dogs.
We stop by at the New Brighton beach before we proceed our journey to the South. 

There is a big glass window  at the back of the library where you can sit and read and mesmerize the sea.

While heading South, we noticed the roads were quite devastated due to the earthquake. Tremors were felt at some point. 

Along the journey .... you'll see plains, heaps of mountain and tress.. everything was so blue , green and tranquil.

The 7-9 hours driving journey was like a WOW factor to us. The scenery was too beautiful to be  disregard. I am so in  love with New Zealand. The scenery was so picturesqueness that one cant even express the beauty of it. It was truly breath taking. It makes you want to roll on the greens and just mesmerize the beauty of the mother nature. At that moment you just want to pray that the time will stop.

Things got more excited when we saw the next scene ...

God's creation are magnificent. I never thought we will spot a lake in the middle of our journey.We have reached Lake Tekapo. Every hour we were blessed with beautiful scenery.  The lake was so blue that you cant really believe it with your own eyes! I have never seen such a place in my whole life. 

There are pit stop, restaurant, motels and hotels at Lake Tekapo.  Driving is comfortable in South Island as there are not many cars. You are only allowed to drive 50 - 100 km/hr. Driver is on the right hand side. We did not stay over night at Lake Tekapo,  we continue heading South after lunch.

When you passed by Lindis Pass, you will know that you are already half way through the South. Roads might be icy during winter and one might need chain if road's condition worsen. Do check website for more information on the weather forecast and road condition of New Zealand before journey.

As we passed Lindis Pass, it was soon dusk. There were no lamp post along the highway. I suggest its best to drive during the day, We passed by T- junction to Mount Cook then Tanzel, Omara before we finally reached Queenstown.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

There are not much of changes since 1993. The apartment where my family and I used to stay, Bahia is still remaining firm there. Sea World, Dream World everything looks the freaking same!
Bahia is still standing !

Air fare are not that invariably low-priced. It has been years since we had our real.. long … forethought to fly to Oz. My aunts in Oz have meant us to visit them many years ago. We never did. Until one day where AirAsia has this massive 1 million seats for sales. Air Asia has routes to Melbourne, Perth and Gold Coast instead of Sydney and Adelaide, that‘s where my aunts and family are living. We thought hey why not we get the cheapest flights and fly of somewhere in Oz then get some other domestic low fare flights to either Sydney or Adelaide then? We end up cooped up in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast for 6 days which was truly chillax!

Surfers Paradise

I never in my whole life have that laziest and relaxing long retreat by the beach. You see we tend to travel to places with itineraries filled and packed 24/7 to do activities, sites visits and shopping. We want to see every single thing in a place. Instead, I sloth in Surfers Paradise for 6 days doing nothing! It was amazing! I feel rejuvenate, unstrained and I am begging for more. You know when you rouse from you long beautiful sleep, you saunter to the balcony with a cup of coffee on your hand, and as you walk nearer to the balcony, can feel the breeze rushing through your face, you look up at the blue sky seeing few albatross flying at a nearby distance then you gaze at the sea. It’s was totally mesmerizing! I love that feeling!

From the other side of balcony

TIPS: Get a hotel / apartment (if there are numbers of people as it’s cheaper) at Surfers Paradise. It is very convenient as it’s the sandy beach is along the coast. It is also facilitate with shuttle bus service. Walking is definitely you want to do by the beach.

We spend most of our time at the beach doing nothing, tanning our self, reading and sleeping at the beach. We took a day’s class of surfing and another day of yacht cruise nearby. I did terrible in surfing my body weight is dragging me down to the ocean, but I am going back to do that again. It’s tired but it was fun. All I need is the proper gear to get down there to surf and losing few pounds of blubber might help too.

TIPS: Cruises and surfing class are always available at the hotel receptions or internet. You can book online for cheaper rate. You can also book advance with travel agent from your country.

I enjoyed the yacht cruise, if you are lucky you might get to see a whale or dolphins. The cruises will halt on an island where there are many activities arranged for you to experience such as sand boarding, jet skiing, rafting, karaoke and etc…

The pier

The sail boat

The other activities

Sand Boarding


Enjoying the view

I have to admit that it is really expensive to dine in Surfers Paradise. Their currency is getting stronger and booming every day.

TV snacks

TIPS: Bring more cash with you! 

Before our trip ends, we spend a day in Pacific Fair and BeachFront market where we shop and do a little souvenirs shopping.

Hard Rock

Beach front

Pacific Fair

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Solo Bangkok

Did I mention I travel solo to Bangkok?

It was tremendously gratifying to be at owns leisure. Sleep and awake at the time that I relish. Eating at my own pleasance, paying no heed to the calories, wiping out what I had desired in Malaysia. Going to Bangkok is like getting an orgasm! I know it well-grounded exaggerated. I merely love Thailand.

After my college years, I traveled a lot to Thailand consecutively every year, whether it’s to the North border of Malaysia Hatyai, Padang Besar, the Andaman Sea or well Bangkok. I remembered I made my first trip to Thailand when I was 3.

So here I was in Bangkok, living in Silom, in Furama Xclusive Sathorn. The hotel lies in the small narrow soi of Silom nearby Chong Nongsi MRT station. What could be better? Tips: I found out a better way to go to the town from Airport instead of a taxi. The shuttle bus that is offered in Suvarnabhumi Airport has an excellent service which is at 150 baht (estimated) per person, sharing with other tourists or dwellers and will drop you right a couple of steps away from your hotel main entrance. Taxi service is usually charged at 400-600 baht. Economize that money and I am going to afford myself an extra credit for Thai massage.

Main reason was to rejuvenate, eat and shop. I chill, I eat, I shop.

Plus size clothes it’s at almost every corner of Bangkok. You just need to browse every shops and markets around and with that special oculus of yours. The price is fantastic and surprising. You might get to purchase 4-8 clothes at 1000 baht. Trust me I have been there. The weather was hot and humid, I was sweaty but with purchases that are made economize, you find it’s worth it to soak with sweats.

FYI: Fat Story a plus size shop where I was their patrons was closed in Suan Lum Night Market due to the Red-Yellow Shirt riot. Not sure if it’s going to re-open. I was quite disappointed for not being able to check out their shop.

Satisfied your taste bud with the authentic Thai food, eat whatever that pulls in your taste bud at the hawkers right beside the streets. Just point and ask “Tao rai”. It won’t be expensive. You can get food as cheap as 10 baht.

I can’t wait for my next trip.


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