Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Taipei, Taiwan

April.. Hubby and I flew off to Taipei without informing any one in the family. We have bought the tickets a year earlier with eccentric cheap price. Great deal indeed at RM400 ++ for 2 pax returned tickets. I  managed to inform a few family members regarding this trip when I am waiting for my flight to depart.

Kent was kinda excited to be in Taipei. You know those tele-game show that has been showing in the TV cable from Taiwan really hypnotize him. Kent arrange all the itinerary in Taipei whilst I did some arrangement on the hotel and airport transfer. It was Kent's first time to be in Taipei so he has the say to where and when to go.

We were picked up by a limo, yes a limo! Only both of us were in the limo. The airport transfer were awesome. It was so spacious and comfortable. At first I thought I will be placed in a narrow crappy old van with other tourist. Not a bad day after all.

We reach our hotel which is 10 minutes away from the Famous Xi Men Ding, have a quick shower then off we went wonder the city of Taipei...

This is where shopping and eating happens most of our time here in Xi Men Ding. 
In case you want to know where we are eating you can check out our pictures in My Mere Life's blog

The opposite site of Xi Men Ding at the Red House.

Check out the youngsters. They are imitating the Jap's culture.

Don't eat me I am just a square face panda!
Steamboat lunch!
So the first day was eating and shopping around XI Men Ding. 
Most of our time were in bed watching and searching 200 TV channels. Did I  say 200 channels in our TV? 
I am not lying!

Second day was more to touring, a nice landmark tours of Taipei.

Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

Another Memorial Hall. I can't recall the name. 

Ok we went to this creepy tourists shop where we were told eating fawn powder helps this and that for the health. By looking at the dead dried fawn, who wants to eat it anyway? That is the name of the shop. 

Taiwan eye which is beside Miramar Shopping Mall. 

During the day of 101 building. KLCC is nicer!!!!

Kent and I then end up in Bei Tou  for our little hot Spring Spa, the Taiwanese way. 
We have this private pool for our selves. 
It's a hot spring we didn really soak long in it. 

After the hot bath, we went to Jiu Fen for more foodie, in Taipei there were many hawkers selling appetizer or junk food. I always like hanging out at the small hawkers area where there were ample of food to choose. 

A picture showing how the BBQ the mushroom. Look how big the mushroom is!

This is at Shi Lin Night Market, people are queuing for the chicken steak. 
Kent queued for 20 minutes for a nasty piece. It's not that special anyway. 

So we walk into the crowd of Shilin Night Market. I didn;t hang out long the crowd gave me headache. 
Again we linger awhile then back to our hotel watching Tivo again.

The very next day most of our time were in Tan Shui. Did nothing but stare at seas and goes for boat rides. Again more eating.

At the end of the day we went downtown to check out 101 Building. We were really disappointed. Darn dark! No  spotlights for the tallest building. We still love our KLCC. hahhaa...

Then the very next day we woke up late , had little brunch, linger awhile in Xi Men Ding then off to the airport with a narrow van no more limo. Sigh .. . -_-"" 


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