Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Solo Bangkok

Did I mention I travel solo to Bangkok?

It was tremendously gratifying to be at owns leisure. Sleep and awake at the time that I relish. Eating at my own pleasance, paying no heed to the calories, wiping out what I had desired in Malaysia. Going to Bangkok is like getting an orgasm! I know it well-grounded exaggerated. I merely love Thailand.

After my college years, I traveled a lot to Thailand consecutively every year, whether it’s to the North border of Malaysia Hatyai, Padang Besar, the Andaman Sea or well Bangkok. I remembered I made my first trip to Thailand when I was 3.

So here I was in Bangkok, living in Silom, in Furama Xclusive Sathorn. The hotel lies in the small narrow soi of Silom nearby Chong Nongsi MRT station. What could be better? Tips: I found out a better way to go to the town from Airport instead of a taxi. The shuttle bus that is offered in Suvarnabhumi Airport has an excellent service which is at 150 baht (estimated) per person, sharing with other tourists or dwellers and will drop you right a couple of steps away from your hotel main entrance. Taxi service is usually charged at 400-600 baht. Economize that money and I am going to afford myself an extra credit for Thai massage.

Main reason was to rejuvenate, eat and shop. I chill, I eat, I shop.

Plus size clothes it’s at almost every corner of Bangkok. You just need to browse every shops and markets around and with that special oculus of yours. The price is fantastic and surprising. You might get to purchase 4-8 clothes at 1000 baht. Trust me I have been there. The weather was hot and humid, I was sweaty but with purchases that are made economize, you find it’s worth it to soak with sweats.

FYI: Fat Story a plus size shop where I was their patrons was closed in Suan Lum Night Market due to the Red-Yellow Shirt riot. Not sure if it’s going to re-open. I was quite disappointed for not being able to check out their shop.

Satisfied your taste bud with the authentic Thai food, eat whatever that pulls in your taste bud at the hawkers right beside the streets. Just point and ask “Tao rai”. It won’t be expensive. You can get food as cheap as 10 baht.

I can’t wait for my next trip.


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