Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vol 1. Introduction - Bangkok

Rampaging anti-government protesters forced the closure of Thailand's main international airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport. Politics issue which causes topsy-turvydom to the Thai citizen and the Prime Minister was switched every 3 months. It was insane and demented.

Bangkok International Airport - Departure Hall

It all occurred last year. I was there for almost 6 months in Bangkok as my hubby was transferred to work in Bangkok for a year. It’s was a once in a life time opportunity for us to be based in a foreign country. We dwelt in a studio apartment in the metropolis. Public transportation and facilities are seen in every inch of the area I live. Flag a hand, getting in a taxi, “tuk-tuk”, a three wheel motorcycle with a carriage at the back, or a motorcycle taxi is as easy as ABC. Hawker stalls, small shop selling Thai foods, convenience store are scattered everywhere. I am never hungry living in Bangkok. When a weird dainty delicacy attracts my attention I will halt and give it a go.

A Thai style BBQ fish at a hawker.

Me roaming and riding on a water taxi.

I was concern about the political issue in Bangkok. I did witness a demonstration from Thaksin’s supporter. I remember wearing yellow when the protesters dressed themselves all in red. No harm was done to me while walking by the demonstration. Taking heed to the discouraging news has demoralized my faith and trust living in Bangkok. Yet to an extent, I believe that the news has exaggerated quite a bit to make it BIG, scaring visitors and tourists. I can assure that it was safe enough to roam in the city. I did that while hubby was busy with his work. I am so smitten with the city. No matter what happens to that country I love the people, the mouth-watering cuisine and the culture of Thailand.

Continue……Protesters in red.

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