Thursday, July 30, 2009

Patpong / Silom

A dancer at a go-go bar along Patpong.Image via Wikipedia

Patpong or Silom, a place surrounded with hotels, night market, shopping malls, pubs, clubs, gays, transvestites, market, sex…Tourists favorite night spots. Patpong is two small streets (Soi) running between Silom Rd and Suriwong Rd named Patpong 1 and Patpong 2. The Sala Daeng BTS skytrain station is very nearby. MRT station, Silom is also close by, with an exit straight onto Silom Rd and Patpong 1. It is always convenience to travel in Bangkok.

Startling experience exotic and nudity shows such as Tiger show, ping pong show, gay show is also to be discovered in this notorious place. I can’t recall the name of the smaller alley. Make sure you look closer to all smaller alleys as there are lots of clubs and pubs all the way in. Thais are definitely much more open minded than we are. It’s deliberately normal for homosexual’s couple to loiter around holding hands and hugging. Older men are seen embracing the younger Thais. Pubs are always occupied with homosexual foreigner embracing their Thai partner. Sauntering and people watching is what people usually do there. Comparing their partner or eyeing others. It’s different ambience from Soi Cowboy in Nana.


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