Thursday, July 30, 2009


If we want to have much classier western food such as Italian food, red wine, oyster or Subway for supper, we will head to Sukhumvit. There are way many fancy restaurants and eatery to be found there. You don’t have to worry what you will be eating; there are arrayed of foods to choose from German to Japanese posh Restaurant. Generally, Sukhumvit is filled with high rise condos. It’s like Ampang in Kuala Lumpur but bigger and swisher. Expatriates are commoners. Most of the 5 stars grand hotels are located at this area.

Yes, another Ta Lad can be seen along the way. Ta Lad is everywhere in Bangkok. Not all Talad is that exciting to stroll. I only love the one and only Suan Lum Night Bazaar. European or American loves to hang out in that area. Food is definitely more scrumptious and a bit costly. Body massage parlors are also common to be seen everywhere in Bangkok. Guess I don’t have to mention about this. Always ask for price politely before a body massage to avoid unnecessary circumstances. Do also ask if it is for men only or otherwise.

MAP to Soi Cowboy and Sukhumvit

Soi Cowboy at night, with elephantImage via Wikipedia

A nearby red light district Soi Cowboy, is just a few meters from Asoke BTS station. Ask for direction it is just nearby. It is not a street packed with cowboys. No it is not area for the gigolo. Barely-naked sexy ladies will stand out sides with the clubs and pubs inviting, trying their best to attract and receiving guests, promoting their special offers and services. I feel perturbed walking to the end of the soi. Their business purposes are aiming to the men only. I did not dare to take a picture at that point. What if they slap me when I took a snap? It was crowded and occupied with horny and drunk men. It is a bit different from Silom and Patpong as it’s much more rattling. Go take a stroll to understand what I mean. You will get the uneasy feeling if you are a feminine.

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