Saturday, July 25, 2009

Part 1. How it all started...

Once you have attempted to fly solo, the gumption, the “chi” of yours will increase automatically. “Sap-sap-sui la!”

Buy a plane ticket,shut one eye and the last thing you know you got on a plane and reach your destination. Kerfuffle no more.

Back to my chronicle……

After I succeed my AFS interview in Kota Kinabalu, I flew back home, Tawau on that same day. I went back as my SPM examination was held few weeks later. I was excited, gouge, all types of mixed notion. I was panic with my exam, happy for my interview success. All I can think throughout my exam was my AFS program. I can’t even concentrate on my exam papers. What is Chemistry? What are the equations? Who was the English Resident that got murdered in Perak? No, not a word. I am not sure what my answer was. Luckily, I did nifty in my SPM with Grade 1.

Finally, the day I have been eagerly waited arrived. I flew 18 hours (correct me if I am wrong) flight to Rome all by my self. Of course I am proud at that instant. Imagine an adolescent flying to Europe all by her own, not acknowledging anyone seated nearby. No travel guide and no I do not put on Traveling Alone Tag. No GPS, no mobile phone, no maps, no nothing. Hahha… There were 4 exchange students who flew along with me which was not known till I arrive at Rome.

Wondering what I did during long-haul flight? I slept. I wake for my meals and slept again. This kinda repeated few times. Played some Nintendo games. Watched some lame movies. Read the in-flight magazine. The best part was I video recorded my self (cam –whoring) with some uncles and aunties on the background. There was no good-looking man around my designated area. No fun right?

Rome_Fontana di Trevi_155Image by pixseb via Flickr

I arrived at Rome Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino) Airport

after the long-haul journey. I was greeted by an Intercultural Volunteer with my large font name on a white card board. along with AFS logo. We (me and few unknown girls) were brought to visit the Colosseum, the Aqua duct, Fontana Di Trevi…other unique historical piazzas. Rome is perfectly beautiful. I was in love when I first step in Rome especially standing in front of the Trevi fountain. The lighting, ambiance, the ravishing outflow, I was speechless. It was sooooo romantic. Awwwww….That was my first encounter on a Europen architecture. I know I resemble a peasant in a city.. :P

I rested a night in Rome. The very next morning, I flew to Cagliari, Sardenia. “Alone again naturally- Gilbert O'Sullivan". Plane taxied down at the tarmac, I step out of the airport, and my host mother and sister were expecting me at the arrival. They were delighted to see me wanting to bring me back to their warmth home. This is where my life as a student exchange started…..

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