Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How it starts in US – Winston Salem

I am back to the good old US of America! I am a big fanatic for USA! Flying to US was fun and at the same time tiring.

We transit in Shanghai ate few Shanghai-nese “Siu Long Pau” and beef noodles before we departed to Chicago O’hare Airport. The tarmac was covered with snow when the plane landed. Kent was really inspired to see the whole trail was covered with snow. What excites us most was when we notice our favorite diner at the corner. JOHNNY ROCKETS! After 2 and half years we finally get a bite one the fries and burgers. Well the taste is a bit out of our expectation. It’s not the taste we had while we were in Coconut Groove.

USA 019

Arriving in Chicago Airport

USA 027

Johnny’s Burger.

We departed to Greensboro, North Carolina via a jet where it can only occupy less than 30 passengers. It kinda looks like a private jet. It was a cool experience to be in one of that kind of jet. The size of the jet is less significant than a coach.

USA 031 USA 030

How the flight looks like. Smaller than a bus.

As we reach Greensboro Airport, we were greeted with a big FAVE FAN WINNERS welcome banners. We were showed to our limo with a big Fave Fan sticker at the side of the limo’s door. It was posh and I felt like a celebrities. As when we reached the hotel, man I was totally amazed. You should check out Gralyns. It was a first manor house I ever lived in. I couldn’t sleep that night I was there to explore the manor house. It was truly amazing to be in it.

USA 062

Grayln House Manor

USA 055


There are 9 winners of Fave Fan around the world. We were all treated like Kings and Queens not only in the mansion but everywhere we go. We were greeted by a band, the mayor, CEO of Krispy Kreme, we were escorted by police, cameras, videos, what I love most we have fans and we were on TV news! It was eye opening and I felt proud at every moment.

I get to gain knowledge of and understand the cultural from all the winners, tasted the Moravian pie, I have the comprehension to make doughnut. How a multinational company’s CEO can be that kind and nice. How the organization of a Western company is so much dissimilarity than the Chinese companies. How the first tobacco came to Winston Salem. Identify who RJ Reynolds was. Exploring RJ’s house and discover history.

While in Salem Winston, I visited Reynolda Village and House, Old Salem, few university, renowned NBA basketball court. Then everything and whereabouts is Krispy Kreme headquarters, factory, and etc. I will let some pictures do the talking.

USA 420

My Own Coffee Doughnuts

USA 099 USA 113

Reynolda’s Mansion

USA 129

Police escort

USA 138

The crowd of fans

USA 214

The first heavy snow experience

USA 225

Basketball players locker

USA 240 USA 249

The Basketball court

USA 338

Moravian Chicken Pie

USA 350

How they used to wear in Old Salem

USA 351 USA 382

Old Salem

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