Tuesday, February 23, 2010

London and Paris

I went for a 9 days trip to London, Brighton and Paris. I don’t really need to pull out my pocket maps searching for details for the tourist spots and stuff as Helen and JY (well I consider them the localsat the moment) were doing their impression and guiding us all the ways for the trip which was kinda really good. So I sit back relax and enjoy them pulling me thru the whole journey in UK.

My flight arrived at the Terminal 4, Heathrow Airport wee in the morning. Hours of gooey and sticky in the plane were finally over. I don’t feel fresh when I am on plane. It was a 12 hours journey flight, well not too bad. I slept for like 8 hours then munch my food; day dreaming and I don’t really enjoy the entertainment given on flight. It was dead as hell. I only miss dad.

So as we reached, (I went with my dearest aunt and cousin). We took a cab to the nearest airport hotel and took a shower as my cousin was there the night before. Then off to the inn by a taxi, we stayed over night in Mayfair which is in Oxford Circus. Yes we did loads of shopping that day. We traveled by the Chiltern Railways, got our tickets to Bicester North to the Bicester Village where branded outlets items were sold. So there we were shopping and getting weary the whole day. We returned to London, head to China Town for some crispy duck for dinner. In London, traveling is easy. All you have to do is to buy a one day ticket return for both underground and bus which is available at every underground station which is sold at approximately 6 Pounds for one person. Before night ends, we head to local bars for few pints then head to bed.

Bicester Village

Oxford Circus

We continue shopping on the early of second day. Then off to visit the icons of London with our shopping bags. We made our stop at Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, The Eye of London, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, Winchester Palace, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s cathedral then lunch at the in Borough Market. All icons can be access via underground and London buses. We took few snaps of the Great Britain’s Icon. We returned to our inn, packed and taxied ourselves to Brighton.

Eye of London

Big Ben

Tower of London

Trafalgar Square

In Brighton, our hotel was just in front of the bay front which was lovely. A slower pace and is also a lovely place to live in. It took around one and a half hour to travel from London to Brighton by a taxi. Not to mention the fare was costly too. I got to say that I had a great steak for dinner that night.

Watching the sea breeze and the sunrises at the bay front which is exactly sited in front of our hotel was mesmerizing. We went to the Brighton Pier as to our dismay it was still closed. So we ended up strolling in theBrighton. Window shopping, sight seeing. And then the main reason of this trip is to attend a special event of my cousin’s graduation. It was an honored to be invited to attend his graduation. I have been attending his graduation / convocation all this while. By night, he took us to Marina, where the restaurant is a boat serving Chinese food which is kinda like Jumbo restaurant in Hong Kong but smaller, for dinner. The food was totally awesome with real Malaysian taste bud.

Bay Front

Brighton Pier

Next day we return to London, a visit to Hyde Park is a must for me. It’s like visiting Central park in New York. After a short walk we then continue to Bond Street with more ladies shopping.
Helen returned to Taiwan and left us four with our journey to Paris. It took us 2 hours to reachParis via Eurostar. Weather was really freezing. Snow was to spot on the ground. I guess it snow the night before we arrived. Frankly, I hate the underground subway in Paris. It was a total chaotic and it’s pungent and dirty. Their amenities and services are not up to the standard. I was kinda disappointed to see such a romantic country in such a filthy way. While cousin was sleeping in the hotel, I brought my aunt and Jia Yuen for a stroll in St Germain – St Michael – Odeon and the Latin Quarters. Dog turds are spotted everywhere. It’s really disgusting. You might want to be aware where you are walking or stepping.
We opt for an open tour via a hop on hop off Double Decker bus for 2 days in Paris which is really convenient than to travel by the subways. The bus really does the entire job for us. We stop at the Lourve, Champs Elysees, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Bastile, Siene River. We just hop on and off as we like. I love that bus! By the end we stop at the Boulevard for our dinner. I got to tell you I love every meals serve in Paris.

Every one knows what this is

The lourve

Paris was more like sight seeing for us. Shopping is crazily expensive there. We stop at Champs Elysees had a stroll and shop a bit. The last day of Paris was truly unforgettable as we had French Cuisine in a fine dining restaurant in St Germain. It was lovely and a bit chaotic at first with the personal Seafood Platters. I am happy that I get to taste few authentic French Cuisine such as Foie Gras, French veil, Escargot, the fresh seafood platters which I worried I will get sick after few oysters well it didn’t happen. It’s only about food and sight seeing in Paris. I love French croissant!

The very next day we return to London. Flight back home was at night. Last minute shopping and family good byes….
What I love most about this trip is the experience, the love and honored which my aunt and her families have given me, the hospitality, and last but not least the amazing food I had through out the journey. This astonishing trip will never be forgotten and will be kept as an experience of a life time.

Trips advice - When sightseeing in London is best to travel via underground and buses. As for Paris for both sigh seeing and shopping its best you opt for the Open Tour!

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